Z-Drive 4500

Dramatically Accelerating Enterprise Applications

Data Centers have evolved. So has the Z-Drive.

It’s storage that evolves with your ever-changing data center. More than just a high-performing SSD, the new Z-Drive 4500 is a full-featured flash solution that integrates robust performance, reliability, data protection, and monitoring functions for critical enterprise applications and demanding big data environments. Z-Drive 4500 also includes the latest software features to deliver low-latency flash resources across your infrastructure, and OCZ’s proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) Technology coupled with proven controller technology enables industry-leading sustained performance. As OCZ’s most advanced PCIe edge card to date, Z-Drive 4500 offers a complete acceleration, caching, and flash management solution for your enterprise storage applications.

Z-Drive 4500 Targeted Applications

The Pinnacle of Storage Performance

  • Delivers the performance of hundreds of hard disk drives in a single server
  • Reduces I/O and bandwidth bottlenecks with
    • sustained read performance up to 2,900 MB/s
    • sustained write performance up to 2,200 MB/s
    • random 4K block read throughput up to 252,000 IOPS
    • random 4K block write throughput up to 76,000 IOPS

Z-Drive 4500 Features
  • Leading MLC-based enterprise PCIe edge card performance driven by OCZ VCA Technology
  • Integrates with powerful OCZ software solutions supporting Windows application acceleration (through OCZ WXL Software) and flash virtualization (through OCZ VXL Software)
  • Features a more robust design over previous Z-Drive R4 models
  • Designed in a Full-Height/Half-Length (FH/HL) format supporting 800GB, 1.6TB and 3.2TB usable capacities
  • Bootable as a direct-attached device
  • Delivers temperature sensing and thermal throttling to maintain consistent operating conditions even under adverse temperature variances
  • Provides complete power loss data protection, end-to-end data protection, advanced ECC and other capabilities that extend drive life and protect data
  • New SSD casing for a more stable and cooler thermal environment
  • Installation drivers support package files (RPM, DEB) that automate the deployment process
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty


DataCore Ready 


Proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture™ (VCA) 2.0

OCZ VCA 2.0 Features
  • Provides a multifaceted virtualization layer that interfaces with the host system
  • Extends NAND flash life at a block level
  • Manages redundancy
  • Enables TRIM Command support and SMART health monitoring
  • Features internal storage controller delivering highly efficient performance aggregation while reducing the burden on host resources

Superior Enterprise-Class Endurance & Reliability

Z-Drive 4500 Endurance and Reliability
  • Power loss data protection prevents data loss in the event of a sudden power failure
  • End-to-end data protection performs data integrity checks at every juncture where data is transmitted, received, processed and stored
  • Advanced ECC effectively corrects up to 55 bits per 512-byte sector
  • Advanced security with 128-bit AES encryption support
  • Temperature sensing and thermal throttling maintains consistent operating conditions even under adverse temperature variances

WXL Windows Accelerator Software Integrated

Z-Drive 4500 WXL Caching Software
  • Z-Drive 4500 is integrated with OCZ’s new Windows Accelerator (WXL) Software – a flash management and caching solution for Windows Server-based applications
  • Enables efficient use of the Z-Drive 4500 as a flash volume, a flash cache, or both concurrently
  • Performs statistical ‘out-of-band’ processing to selectively determine what data to cache for I/O acceleration while avoiding processing in the data path itself
  • Includes advanced cache warm-up and analysis scheduler for optimal flash usage
  • Improves performance and latency on SAN and DAS systems making them more available for other applications



VXL Virtualization Software Support

Z-Drive 4500 VXL Virtualization Software
  • Z-Drive 4500 works in conjunction with OCZ’s VXL Virtualization Software to optimized virtualized environments by ensuring critical data is available on flash for use by VMs
  • Distributes flash resources on-demand across VMs to accelerate application performance by
    • Making sure no VM inefficiently occupies flash when it could be better used elsewhere in the environment
    • Utilizing Z-Drive 4500’s flash cache optimally at all times regardless of how many VMs are running concurrently
    • Reduces data traffic to and from the SAN
  • Delivers a SAN-less software-defined storage system